Monday, August 19, 2013

Acronyms for maternity & parenting

It came to my attention recently that I speak (or rather type) in acronyms quite often.  So here's a list of common acronyms that you may encounter during your pregnancy & child raising journey.  Most of these will be used on many online forums as well as blogs and other websites.

General use:
DH - dear husband (or darling husband)
DD - dear daughter
DS - dear son
** there are several variations on these such as ODS (oldest dear son) and DSS  (dear stepson) etc.
MIL - mother in law
FIL - father in law
** you get the idea
SO - significant other
LO -little one 

Pregnacy / Maternity
PG - pregnant or pregnancy
PP - post partum
AF - aunt flow (your period)
DTD - do the deed
HPT - home pregnancy test
BFP or BFN - big fat positive or negative (refering to your HPT results)
POAS - pee on a stick
TTC - trying to concieve
IVF - invitro fertilization
MC - miscarriage
US - ultra sound (commonly called sonogram)
NST - non stress test
EDD - estimated due date
FTM -first time mom
BTDTM - been there done that mom 
CS - cesarean section
VBAC - vaginal birth after cesarean
L&D - labor and delivery

Breastfeeding / Babies / Post Partum
BF - breastfeed or breastfed (can add an "ing" to make it BFing)
BM - breastmilk
EBF - exclusivly BF
EP - exclusivly pumping
FF - formula feed or formula fed (add "ing" for FFing)
CD - cloth diaper
PUL - polyurethane liner (used in CDs)
AP - attachment parenting
PPD / PPA - post partum depression or anxiety
SAHM - stay at home mom
WAHM - work at home mom
** and a new one I'm using for myself is BAWM - baby at work mom (T man comes with me to my job everyday) 
Circ - circumcision
ML - maternity leave
CIO - cry it out
STTN - sleep through the night

I'm sure there's lots more our even some variations on what I have here, but this is what I use and how I use them.  So if you catch me using acronyms, this will help you decipher what I'm saying =) 

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