Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Little Things (part 3)

Apparently  "The little things that make life easier" is going to be an on going series!  =)  I keep stumbling upon things that I think you may appreciate in your day to day life.

* Sick babies or teething babies often wake during the night due to on going pains.  To make MOTN medicine dosing easier, set everything up before bedtime so you can quickly grab what you need (in the dark) without having to turn on the lights or making baby wait too long while you figure out dosage.  I have a small night stand next to T man's glider that I set everything on prior to bedtime.

* A twist on lid container makes travel snacks spill proof and allows you to let baby play "rattle" with the bowl without worrying about exploding snack spillage =)
* 30 minutes of house cleaning every night after baby goes to bed may not sound like a lot, but day by day, little by little, you will get everything cleaned up & caught up and you will be able to stay on top of your housework without feeling like your drowning.  Do one "big thing" and two "normal" things that need done each day.  Example: empty the dishwasher & put away one basket of laundry (normal things) and clean the bathroom (big thing).  next night, dishes and laundry again (cause those are never ending right?!?) and mop the kitchen floor.  Save the noisy stuff like vacuuming for a daytime afternoon when baby is awake and occupied.
* Keep your empty diaper boxes to use for packing up out grown clothing and toys.  They're convenient, ready on hand and nicely sized.  Plus they almost always have handles.  Keep them for the next baby or give them away, either way they are easy to identify! =)
* If you have a baby that sleeps in the car AND you have to give him some yucky medicine (reflux meds?) then give him his dose right before you leave the house.  He'll hate the medicine, of course, but once you're in the car he's gonna fall asleep anyway, so he'll get over it quickly =)

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