Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nursing bras: The good The bad The uncomfortable

Here's a few examples of the bras and tanks that I've personally bought and worn.  Some I love, some I like, some I hate.
Bras # 1-4 are the bras I like and I wear everyday.  I have several of each of these in different colors.
# 1.  This is a "sleep" bra in a wrap style.  You'll want to avoid these during engorgement, but once you're past the engorgement phase you'll come to love these.  They are offered in a loose, soft, jersey cotton that is very comfy for sleeping.  I also have 2 in a tighter, spandex style material.  These remind me of a sports bra and offer more security than the loose cotton ones.
# 2. I found this polka dot bra at Wal-Mart and was amazed at how very very comfortable they are.  (I don't normally shop at Wal-Mart, but it's kinda hard to find nursing bras in stores to try on)  These come in a 2 pack and are very reasonable priced.  They are so comfortable I have no problem sleeping in this bra.
# 3 & # 4  Motherhood Maternity offers a variety of nursing bras, but they don't have a good selection of wireless.  These are the only 2 wireless (non sleeping) bras that I have from Motherhood.  I like them both and have no real complaints about them.  They have foam cups, smooth seams and are comfy all day long.  Motherhood bras are at the higher end, so I would save these for after your milk regulates.
(not pictured is a brand called Bravado.  I haven't found this brand carried in any of my stores locally, but you can order them online.  They make a wonderful nursing bra and their size chart is very accurate.  This is one you'll want to wait on till after your milk regulates)

I bought all my nursing tanks at Target (they had the largest selection in store at the time).  You can find them in a variety of styles, buttons, lace, gathers, plain, etc. Most nursing tanks are designed so that they can be worn alone, as your regular shirt, so you don't feel under dressed while in public.  
Make sure to check the clasps on these.  I have found a few tanks with tiny, hard to latch clasps that are difficult to close with 2 hands, let alone 1 hand. 
Bra's # 5-7 are not my favorites at all. 
# 5.  This was my first and only nursing bra when I brought T man home from the hospital.  I had bought 2 of these from Target and I had the same trouble with both bras.  The lace was extremely rough & scratchy (although that may just have been my engorgement) and the vertical "ribbing" (see red circle) on the sides was constantly poking me and eventually worked its way out of the bra & began stabbing me violently in the arm pit  =(
# 6.  This bra is actually very comfortable & I continue to wear it often.  My complaint with this one is the material.  It is a very thin, soft (comfortable) satin type material that shows absolutely EVERYTHING!  Every nursing pad shows and you can forget about having any nipple discretion.  Wear this kind of bra material with caution and be very aware of what kind of shirt you wear, anything too clingy and you'll have full boob visibility.
# 7.  This bra came from Wal-Mart and although I liked it at first, it quickly lost its support and hold.  Even on the tightest hooks, the bottom was just loose & ill fitting and I felt like I was going to fall out the bottom.  The next size smaller though was too small. 
I eventually cut slits in the cups of bras # 5 & 7 to make them into pumping bras, so at least I'm still getting some good use out of them.
I hope this helps give you some insight into the great wide world of nursing bras.  Try them all on, buy slowly and wash carefully.  These bras are going to be your best friend during your BFing journey.  Treat them well& they will return the favor =)

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