Saturday, July 6, 2013

The colic curl hold

T man's favorite holding/carrying position from 6-15 weeks was the sideways "colic curl".  This was the only way anyone could successfully hold him and keep him happy.  Anything else, and he would cry and scream.
Now, I stumbled upon this hold by accident.  I didn't know this was an actual "baby hold" until a few weeks after it was working.  I saw the "forward" and "reverse" versions illustrated in a book and I realized, Hey! That's what we've been doing! =)
The nice thing about the sideways version that we did, was it only required one arm.  This way, you can carry baby in your left arm and still be productive with your right (or vice versa)  I found though, that once T man got accustomed to the left arm, he all but refused to be held in the right arm.  This makes for a very tired arm by the end of the day.  But, you do what you gotta do for your baby, right?
So, what is the colic curl?  Well, you can do this hold 3 ways.  Forward, reverse and sideways. 

Basically, what your doing is making your baby sit "cross legged" just like little kids do when sitting on the floor.  You're going to cross his ankles, bends his knees, bring his knees up and make him fold at the waist.  This can be done facing you (reverse) typically done while sitting with your legs bent & baby resting against your knees,  facing away from you (forward) can be easily done sitting or standing ,or like T man preferred, facing the side (sideways).
Once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature.  I was able to scoop up T man in my left arm & with one swift motion, bend him in half and nestle him against my chest. (imagine holding a mixing bowl in your left arm/elbow while baking) If he was having a real good fit, it would take quite a bit of pressure  for me to get him to bend at the waist, but once he did, he quickly calmed down and became a much happier baby.  It was very common to hear me saying "bend baby, BEND!"  =)
I hope this helps you relieve some of your baby's discomfort.  It worked wonders for us!


  1. Casey could you please email me the source for your colic curl images above. My email is

    1. I'm so sorry, but I do not remember what the book was that this came from. (It was over 3 years ago now LOL) I have since given away most of my baby parenting books. Again, I'm very sorry

  2. My granddaughter she is a colic baby and she cry through the night I had to find something to relief her I found this and she slept through the night.Thank God..