Tuesday, June 11, 2013

10 things I never thought would happen

In no particular order :

* falling in love with something that is almost always sticky, stinky, wet or slobbery.

* being fascinated and amazed at the milk streaming out of my breasts

* having another human being poop directly into my open hand

* finding that I don't actually need any sleep to still be able to function throughout the day

* selling my motorcycle and giving up riding (for now)

* breastfeeding! (You should have met me a few years ago)

* having my son set my curfew for me.  7 pm? Really ?!? sigh, okay =/

* that I would become so confident and comfortable with my son's breastfeeding that I will openly and willingly pop a boob out absolutely anywhere =)

* finding a whole new set of reasons to love my husband

* me (of all people) becoming a mother!!

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