Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Birth Plan

I think it is incredibly important for every woman to create a personal "birth plan" before going into labor.  This will give you an opportunity to think through the issues that you feel are most important to you personally before you become ... compromised =)  Once you're in full on active labor, trying to take the time to rationally think out every situation is near impossible.  You need to have some sort of idea what you want &/or need your birthing experience to be like, so that if a problem occurs, you will be prepared to answer any medical questions that might be asked of you.

Keeping that in mind, remember that child birth is NOT an organized event.  That baby will do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, with absolutely no regard for your carefully typed out birth plan.  Be prepared to just go with the flow, and follow your doctors advice.  Your birth plan is more of a guideline, giving you a foundation to base your medical decisions from.

Below is a copy of my personal "Birthing Preferences" (note how I avoided using the word "plan")

(mom to be name here)
Labor & Delivery Preferences
EDD 10/19/2012
Husband: (fathers name here)
Practitioner: (your OB doc name here)
Pediatrician: (your baby's doc name here)
We ask that the practitioner discuss with us any procedures or medications prior to administration and that we be allowed the chance to question such procedures before giving informed consent.
  • I have tested POSITIVE for Group B Strep
  • I have been monitored for Antithromben iii Antigen (blood clotting) throughout this pregnancy.  I took low dose aspirin daily until 37 weeks 10/3/12

Father has 100% decision rights if mother is unable to be consulted

  • Only the father in the delivery room.  I wish for no visitors while on the 7th floor, unless I specifically request otherwise.  Visitors can join us on the 8th floor after mom & baby are settled into recovery room.
  • I would like to make myself comfortable any way I need to.  Music, distractions, moving, showering, walking, etc.
  • I would like to wear my bra & tank top as long as I can, until no longer medically possible
  • No mirrors, camera or videos (gross!)

  • I DO want an epidural but not until active labor (5cm)
  • Prior to the epidural, I wish to manage the pain with medications and breathing/massage
  • Offer me drugs and let me decide on a pain by pain basis

  • I hope to have a vaginal delivery.  If a C-section becomes necessary I want the father to remain with me at all times
  • No students or residents please.  I do not want to be used for training purposes
  • Only medical persons "down south".  Mother & father do not wish to participate with the actual birthing
  • Episiotomy: at practitioners discretion, but only if completely necessary please

  • Father wants to cut the cord after the cord stops pulsating
  • NO Circumcision!
  • Skin to skin ASAP, but not all gooey please.  I wish to breastfeed immediately after delivery if baby can
  • I hope to breastfeed exclusively.  Please do not offer him any artificial nipples or formula
  • I would like the help of a Lactation Consultant please.

  • Father wants to accompany baby at all times.  Bathing, newborn procedures, exams, etc.
  • We do not have to participate in bathing but wish to be present (visually)
  • We would like the baby to room in 24 hours with limited nursery time.
  • If my baby is not well, mother &/or father wish to accompany baby to the NICU or other facility.  We want to hold baby as often as possible.
  • I will breastfeed or express breast milk for my baby while he is unwell

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