Tuesday, June 25, 2013

So, you think you love the way babies smell??

You've heard it, heck, you've probably said it yourself.

"I LOVE the way babies smell!"  Awe! :-)

No you don't.  Sorry, but you don't! You love the way baby products smell.  Cause ya know what?  Babies ,the unscented version, smell like milk breath and wet diapers.  That's the honest truth coming from a mom who uses everything unscented.  My baby does not, in any way, "smell like a baby".  Nope.  He smells like ... well, an actual baby. 

I use unscented, dye free laundry detergent and absolutely NO fabric softener.  We bathe him with Dove unscented sensitive skin body wash (or the store brand version).  We do not use lotion on T man's skin.  Instead we grease him up with unscented petroleum jelly like a little pig =) His bath is just plain water, no "bedtime" bath scents and his shampoo is plain. 

I know what you're thinking.  "OMG she's a crunchy, hippie, tree hugger!" LOL no I'm not.  All those things I don't use on T man? I use them on myself!  =) I like my clothes, my hair and my body to smell nice, but I have tough, old(ish) grown up skin. I am not a delicate, sensitive, still developing infant.

Dr P told us, when T man was only 4 days old, to throw out the baby wash and baby lotion.  "Don't use them, they're crap" he said.  O_O ... but ... but ... I just got all these products at my baby shower?!? =( What did he want me to use???

Vaseline and Dove body wash.  He said it is all you need to keep your newborns skin healthy.

OMG! He's a crunchy hippie tree hugging doctor!!!! LOL :-) but you know, he's absolutely right.  Babies don't want to smell like apples and coconut and lavender.  Do you know what a babies favorite smell is? YOU. He loves the way his mommy smells.  You're milk, your breath, even your stinky B.O. =) when his eyes are unfocused, he has to rely on his nose instead.  Perfumes are confusing.  He just wants to smell you, mommy. He loves your smell and you should love his too

My baby smells like a real, actual baby.  And you know what?  I love the way he smells. =)

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