Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Little Things (part 2)

See, I knew I would think of other things ;) ******************************************

While prego, use a suction cup shower mirror to help you shave after your belly bump becomes too big to see around

Make sure the clock in the nursery is either glow in the dark or digital. Your sense of time is completely thrown off in the MOTN (middle of the night). What feels like 30 minutes is really only 6 minutes =( ugh!

Don't wear socks while at home. Bare feet are your best friend! You'll be amazed at what you learn to pick up with your toes =)

Keep snacks with you. Whether or not you BF, being a new mom makes you hungry! All the heavy lifting (car seat, diaper bag, etc) the erratic dinner schedule, not to mention the screwed up sleep cycles, can really confuse your body. Keep trail mix, lactation cookies, granola bars, etc in the diaper bag for on the go munchies.

Water water water! Never leave the house without a (reusable) bottle of water. BFing requires lots of hydration & you will be thirsty at the most inconvenient times.

Zipper jammies are WAY better than snap jammies. There's nothing faster or easier for MOTN diaper changes. I can't tell you how many times I've mis-snapped T mans jammies at 2 am =/ LOL

Prevent stains from setting by keeping clothing wet. A diaper blow out could ruin a perfectly good outfit, but it doesn't have to. If T man has a diaper problem or something and we are home, I will toss the clothes in the bathroom sink, fill with water and leave it until I have time to start a load of laundry. Easy! But, if you're away from home, you have 2 options. If you have access to a sink, rinse the clothes out & get them soaking wet. Then use one of your handy little "poop bags" to carry the wet clothes in till you get home. (you know, those arm & hammer disposal bags you got at your baby shower) If you don't have access to a sink, clean off as much of the accident as you can, then pack the clothes, focusing on the stain area, in wet wipes and again, use a poop bag to get the clothes home. Wash as soon as you can.

"Fix" the car seat straps when taking baby out, to make putting baby back in a breeze. There's nothing more frustrating than opening the car door, baby on your hip, diaper bag on shoulder, keys in hand, phone in pocket (ringing of course) water bottle on the roof of the car (don't fall off ... again) and you find that the car seat straps are a sloppy pile of buckles puddled in the bottom of the seat. UGH! (DH does this to me all the time BTW) Easiest solution? Fix that shit BEFORE you take baby out of car. (see pic below) When I unbuckle T man, I immediately tuck his straps into the side of his seat. It takes 2 seconds per strap (I timed it LOL) but dealing with it while holding baby (aka one handed) takes 7 seconds per strap (at least) save yourself the headache =)

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