Sunday, June 16, 2013


I hate pumping.  I'm doing it right now, not that I enjoy it, but I'm doing it.  I don't think any one actually enjoys pumping, but just like diaper dooty, we gotta do it.  It is completely irresponsible to EBF your baby & not pump.  Even if your a full time mom like I am, always with your baby, never leaving him, you still have to pump.  What if something happens to you? Or more likely, what if you want to go to the movies?  That's what I got to do today =) I went to the movies for the first time since T mans birth.  Oh, it was wonderful =) but now I have 2 very full breasts & they need to be emptied.  T man took one boob and fell asleep, so now I'm pumping.

Here's a few tips I'd like to give you about pumping:

Pump early & pump often. The sooner you begin pumping (as in, the day you come home from the hospital) and the more frequently you pump, the greater your supply is going to be.  Supply & demand ladies, supply & demand.  Start your freezer stash early & you will have a nice supply if/when you return to work.

Size matters.  Using the correct pumping flange is so important!  Too big & you won't get any milk, too small & you're likely to damage your nipples.

Lubricate.  If you get a lot of friction, use your lanolin oil to lube up your nips.  Just the areola, you don't want it getting into your milk stash.

Power pump to increase your supply. This really sucks! Sorry, but it does.  Hook yourself up to the pump (double preferably) and set a timer.  Pump for 15 minutes, rest for 5, pump for 15, rest 5, pump 15, rest 5, pump 15 & done.  Yep, that's 1 hour & 15 minutes of being hooked up to your pump.  But it works! Do this for 3 consecutive days at approximately the same time each day & you will notice an increase in your supply.  You have just successfully tricked your body into thinking your LO had a growth spurt  =)

Pumpin Pals Flanges. I highly recommend these aftermarket pump flanges.   These are much more comfortable and productive than any of the standard flanges that are offered by the pump manufacturers.

You will get your largest quantity pumps in the early morning.  Try to get up earlier so you can pump before work,  or if you LO wakes for an early morning nursing (4-6am?) feed him, then go pump.  Sleep allows your body to produce more milk, so take advantage of it.

Nurse & pump simultaneously.  Hold baby in the football hold on one boob, while using a pumping bra to pump the other boob.  Talk about multi-tasking!

Speaking of pumping bras.  No need to buy one of the expensive ones.  Just take your least favorite nursing bra (you know, the one you never wear unless all the laundry is dirty) and cut a slit on each cup right over the nipple.  Ta da!  Pumping bra! Take your detachable flange and place it thru the bra from the inside.  Clip the bra up and get to pumping =) flanges not detachable?  Just cut the slit a little higher (not lower) and feed the flange thru from the front.

Pump early, Pump often.  I can't say that enough.  I wish someone had told me that 8 months ago.  I hope these tips help you pump more comfortably. =)

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  1. I did the same thing to a nursing bra to I could pump in my office at work and still answer the phone. :)