Saturday, June 15, 2013

Diaper Dooty

Dirty diapers are definitely a mothers #1 on her list of least glamorous.  Diaper dooty (pun intended) has 2 teams.  Team Cloth & Team Disposable.  No matter which team you choose, you have a lot of stinky days ahead of you.  Both cloth & disposable have pros & cons, you just have to choose which ones are the most important to you.

Here are some mind blowing facts

*** Pros ***
great for the environment
budget friendly (after the initial purchasing cost)
comfortable for baby
healthier for baby's skin
less diaper rashes
chemical free
they are SUPER cute!  a total fashion accessory =)
*** Cons ***
laundry (who needs more laundry to do?)
need to change more frequently (less absorbent for extended times periods)
depending on size of baby - may interfere with car seat buckles &/or clothing

*** Pros ***
they're disposable! just toss in the garbage and you're done
super absorbent
no laundry
available everywhere, easy to purchase
*** Cons ***
terrible for the environment!! they take forever to decompose (an estimated 250-500 years!!)
uncomfortable on babys delicate skin
increased likelihood of diaper rashes
filled with chemicals
EXPENSIVE!!! it is estimated that a child will need approximately 6000 diapers during his first 2 years!  Thats a lot of $$$

Most cloth mama's that I know make their own diapers.  They are incredibly easy to sew, even if you're not a crafty kind of person.  I also know a lot of mom's who are half & half moms.  They cloth at home & disposable while out & about.

Check out this awesome mom & her custom made cloth diapers.  she will tailor make your LOs diapers just the way you need them, adding extra wet protection where your little squirter tends to leak out the most.

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