Thursday, June 13, 2013

Picking a pediatrician

This is probably one of the more nerve wracking tasks of becoming a new parent.  not only do you have to care for this little baby, but you have to also choose the doctor who you are going to be trusting his health & medical well being too.  How in the world do you go about doing that?!?

First, check with your insurance company to get a list of pediatric practices covered by your policy. 

Ask around.  Neighbors, co-workers, friends, relatives, etc.  Who do they use now or have used in the past.  Any reason why they left that doctor or switched offices? 

Set up an in office consultation with a few doctors to get a feel for them.  Just because you sisters neighbors cousin likes that doc does NOT mean you will too.  Personality has a lot to do with pediatrics and you have to be comfortable with them both as a person and a doctor.

Have a list of questions ready for your visit.  This will help you get perspective on their medical practices.  A few questions to ask would be:
*What are your views on breastfeeding vs formula feeding
*What is your standard practice regarding circumcision
*At what age will you recommend starting solid foods
*Would you support my decision should I choose to delay vaccinations
*Do you prescribe pharmaceutical medications first or are you willing to explore alternate methods
*When will my calls be returned and who will I primarily be speaking with on the phone
*How quickly can my sick child be seen
*Where do I get help after hours
*What if my doctor isn't available?  Who will I see in place of my regular doc?
  And most importantly
*Do you have privileges at the hospital I am delivering at?

Even if some of these questions don't pertain to you specifically, ask them anyway.  It will give you a broader view into their personality & medical preferences.  You'll be surprised at the very wide variety of pediatricians out there.  You need to be 100% comfortable with both the doctor & the office personnel. 

(*) I want to share about the pharmaceutical vs alternate method real quick.  My son has never had a diaper rash.  He's been a bit pink/red occasionally and he had  a few bumps once in the early weeks but it went away in just a couple hours.  That being said, I changed his diaper one day (6 mo approx.) and noticed 3 pink bumps on his (intact) penis.  No big deal I though, I just used a touch of cream and forgot about it.  The next day the bumps were red & he had 5 bumps now.  Okay, used a stronger diaper rash cream.  Day 3 the entire head of his penis was red & puffy! Oh No! =( I texted my friend, whose son is only 5mo older than T man.  She said "C" had recently had the same thing & it was a yeast infection (of all things) Her pedi had prescribed one ointment that didn't work so they had to get a second prescription.  Took over a week to heal.  I immediately called  Dr P to get T man in that same day.  Dr P agreed with my thought of a yeast infection.  He told me to go to the store & buy some athletes foot cream (such as Lotramin) Apply that to his penis with every diaper change for 1 week.  His penis was clear in 24 hours. =)


  1. If only T would have gotten that rash first!! LOL Poor C has been on so many meds its ridiculous!!! <3 you!

    1. I know, poor guy! I am so happy to have you though, to compare notes with =)