Thursday, June 20, 2013

My poor sweet sick baby

My heart is just falling to pieces right now.  For the first time ever, my dear little T man is sick.  8 months of perfect health and now we've been hit with a triple whammy.  Fever, vomit, diarrhea, the whole package. 

I put him to bed last night at 8pm (a little late for him but no biggie) and he slept solid till 7am this morning.  At first I was super excited!  Who wouldn't be, right?!?  He woke up calmly enough, no hysterics or anything! =) I picked him up from his crib and noticed he felt warm, but I didn't realize how very, very hot his entire body was until I put him to breast.  Every inch of his darling little body was radiating heat like a furnace!  O_O  Even his finger tips were burning.  Oh no!  My poor baby boy! =( 

He nursed, he burped, he nursed, he burped.  He seemed completely unphased by his obvious fever.  I let him nurse to his little tummy's content, then changed his diaper & took his temp.  Naturally, I couldn't find a thermometer that worked (or worked right) so I had to revert to the old "thermometer under the arm" thing.  Have you ever tried that with an 8 month old?  yeah, not easy.

His temp read 100.2 under the armpit and you have to add 1° so it was actually 101.2 =(  I lost it.  I never lose it!  But I lost it.  I cried and cried as I held my hot,sick baby boy and called into work.  Just as i was planning on leaving for a walk in visit to the pediatrician, T man heaved.  Then he heaved again!  Ah, crap, he's gonna blow! We raced to the bathroom just in time for him to vomit all over the floor, all over the sink, all over himself.

Our visit to the pedi was uneventful thankfully.  His fever was down 2 degrees and no more vomiting! yay! =)  Doc said everything looked good (ears, nose, throat, etc.) and that there is a virus floating around.  All I can do is give some fever/pain meds & nurse him as often as I can.  He should be over this in a couple of days.  Days?  DAYS?!? oh my, it's gonna be a loooong couple of days.

We stayed home all day, playing, crying (him, not me, I promise) sleeping, nursing, crying some more (okay, me just a little).  The sad, scared, desperate way that he cried today, with that pleading look of confusion in his eyes just destroyed me.  I know he doesn't understand why he feels this way and he doesn't understand why I'm not making it go away.  I can't wait for these next few days to be over.  Not that I mind all the cuddles I've been receiving but I just want my happy, smiling baby back. 

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