Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Could you Would you on a train?

One of the most wonderful things about breastfeeding is low maintenance, hassle free traveling. Here we are on the Amtrak coming home from our holiday weekend in St Louis.  I can't even begin to imagine all the hassle it would take to formula fed a baby on vacation.  Packing the bottles and formula and possibly your own water?  Then having to mix the bottle while on a moving train. =/ Then (yep, not finished yet) you have to figure out how to warm it, or serve it to your baby cold.  And who wants to do dishes while on vacation?!? Not me!! :-)

Besides having instant milk available at a moment's notice (perfectly prepared and at the exact right temperature) I was also able to soothe and comfort my cranky infant when his bedtime had come and past.  Since T man goes to bed at 730, but the train didn't arrive at home until 920, you can only imagine how fussy he got being on the train with all its bright lights and busy commotion.  Having mommy's warm, safe, comfortable, familiar embrace while nursing kept my son happy and calm.  He fell asleep just before 8 pm and slept all the way home and transferred into his crib easily.  He knew that mommy was with him. Not only could he feel my presence, but he could hear my heart and my breathing and he could smell my milk. 

What a prefect ending to a wonderful weekend.

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